What Exactly Is Geosmin

By Marco Alva

Geosmin is the aromatic smell of warm earth that may also be found on water and wine. This aromatic scent is very prominent when the ground gets wet. Enzymes produce this distinct smell of mud. Geosmin is actually made out of proteins. Experts discovered geosmin 100 years past. The blue-green algae found in water produce this and actinobacteria produce them in soil. This is said to be emitted when the microbes die. The most important use of geosmin is its role in DNA extraction.

Smells Good on Earth This smell is really favourable in moist soil but otherwise repulsive in water as geosmin produces this muddy taste in tap water. In acidic conditions, geosmin is said to be rendered odorless. Vinegar is a good agent that removes the muddy taste in seafood.

Geosmin is responsible for the strong smell in the air after a gush of rain over warm soil. Geosmin is responsible for most commonly pungent-smelling food like fish, cured meat, beets and other root crops, etc. Humans are particularly bothered by the smell of geosmin in water and in other food stuff. This in particular, has drawn interest to a lot of wine makers as well water purification experts who want to eliminate the substance out of drinking water as well as in wines; although, a bit of the earthy smell provides a classic note to wines.

Geosmin Contents Streptomyces coelicolor is responsible for all the information written about geosmin because the discovery of this organism is what started it all. This is a plant-eating bacteria said to inhabit soil. Further, the team of experts found out that geosmin synthase actually folds into two different but otherwise connected parts or so-called bi-functional type of enzyme which further synthesizes in a two-step reaction phase. The first part cranks out the chemical which is then whipped to the other part which produces the geosmin. These are found out to be related in a metabolic pattern.

Ignoring the Smell Microbiologists and other experts would really be interested in how geosmin is synthesized and created; as this may help them to discover methods on permanently blocking this from water; which is responsible for its offensive taste. Geosmin's taste must be eliminated but not the substance itself since it provides man more uses than will ever be known. Spare geosmin but eliminate the awful odor.

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